About The People Difference

So what do a roller coaster and a career change to training and development have in common?

People laughing, smiling, and playing... coupled with enjoying one’s job, having Velcro balls tossed at your head from the sales team, screams every 1.10 minutes outside your office from the High Roller (not from employees, you hope), and contributing to the workplace in a very unique way.

Valleyfair Family Amusement Park is where it all began for me. Shortly after I arrived in 1987, I attended a sales seminar that was recommended by colleagues, because Larry Wilson worked with the park in its infancy. He told stories about how to be responsive to customers, and the whole fulfillment dialogue sounded like a good one to embrace.

People said I would like the seminar and find it useful as I began my sales career. They were right; I loved it! I eventually became a sales manager at Valleyfair and encouraged my team to attend the same selling workshop.

After years of attending these events, I decided I wanted to be in the training business. After all, Larry Wilson made the leap from insurance to training, so I could also make the leap from a Merry-Go-Round to learning as a new career. That leap happened 15 years ago.

I continue to believe that people make a difference in life and business. That you can succeed if you do the right thing for employees and customers, respect them and their multi-generational talents, learn from your mistakes and respond with new insights, providing fresh ideas.

JoAnn Day

Part of who we are as a company demonstrates our commitment to making the difference with our clients and our community.

In the future, we’ll highlight those we work with who are also aligned with our people philosophy, whether it is participating in a Feed My Starving Children event or contributing a percentage of revenue to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society every time we sell an E Difference solution.

As they say, enjoy the ride. I am!