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Talent Management Solutions TrainingLeadership Competence

Talent Management - In the near future, your organization may be faced with a critical business challenge: a large number of valued employees are leaving your company and taking their knowledge with them. What are you doing to create a strong talent infrastructure? What are you doing to help your workforce drive organizational performance and productivity?

Leadership Essentials - Joy is a high-performing contributor. She’s the first one to volunteer for projects, has excellent communication skills, and seems to be a natural leader. In fact, she’s so good at what she does it’s time for her to be promoted to manager. What are you doing to build strong front-line leadership skills for people like Joy? What are the core leadership strengths of your organization?

The Impact of You Training and DevelopmentThe Impact of You - Assign a job to Jim and he’ll get it done. Clients appreciate how Jim connects with them. It wasn’t always this way. Early in his career, Jim received feedback from co-workers and clients alike. He didn’t seem willing to be flexible with others and their needs. While his fast pace worked for him, it seemed to turn others off. Once he took the feedback to heart and conciously stretched, his daily communication changed: interactions multiplied and so did his overall productivity. What are you doing to accelerate positive relationships with internal and
external customers?

Sales/ Service Competence

The People Difference Sales and Service Solutions - In this world of allowing your customers to have their way, what are you doing to equip your sales and service team with the business knowledge, communication, and selling skills it takes to craft the best solution? The answer should be based upon their business priorities and unique goals. What are you doing to partner with customers, given today's economic conditions, and drive confidence in making purchases?

Building Cultural Competence WorkshopBuilding Cultural Competence

Creating a Culturally Competent Organization - Theresa has led a U.S.- based operations team for over 10 years. Starting in April, she will lead a multi-cultural, multi-generational global team. She’s excited about the opportunity and wants to be a strong leader. What are you doing to develop your global organization to make it truly global in practice? What are you doing to develop your global leaders and provide them opportunities to become truly global in their roles? Has your virtual team ever been stuck? Have you considered the cost of cultural miscues to your organization?

Customer Engagement TrainingCustomer Engagement

Brandtender Marketing® - “Brandtenders” are employees who understand and are aligned to your brand, have the tools to successfully communicate the brand message, and are empowered to represent your brand in the marketplace. They bring your brand to life, capturing market share and increasing revenue and profits. What are you doing as a company to provide Brandtenders with the capacity to act?