Frequently Asked Questions

Considering working with an outside resource?

You may be wondering how the People Difference works with clients, who our resources are, as well as a series of other questions that would be helpful for us to address.

So, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs for you:

How do we work with clients?
The People Difference is about your people and your organization. We work with your team to understand your particular business challenges and goals. Then we connect the learning to make a difference in your business. We focus on what’s happening today and what needs to happen tomorrow to sustain behavior change.
Who are our resources?
We have several vital resource partners. Our partners are grounded in the business world. They bring deep expertise, having worked in your industry, as a facilitator and consultant. Often times, our partners have worked within our client organizations in various leadership, marketing, operations and sales-related roles.
How much lead time is needed to set up an engagement?
Domestic and global meetings are a norm for our team. We’ll provide the seamless project management you’ll need to deliver a high-impact session. Adequate lead time is essential for optimal calendar availability. It’s never too early to start planning.
What is the pre-work and upfront interview process you mention?
We recommend pre-work and also conduct interviews to understand what you’re trying to accomplish as a business. Whether your strategy is market penetration, market expansion, product extension, or pioneering new products and service to new customers, we can help.
Why are materials needed for sessions?
Many of our workshops have materials which are used in the sessions themselves, then in application or action learning assignments long afterward. Concepts can also be used in planning strategies and in coaching.
Just how custom is “custom,” when it comes to learning?
We can customize anything. We all have worked in the industry long enough to know how to leverage our knowledge with your business requirements to install an impactful session, or keynote.
Who manages the overall project, from the sale to support and implementation?
Your organization will have an overall relationship manager and a lead facilitator/consultant who works on all aspects of the project with your team. Our mutual success is based upon access to your key stakeholders.
Can I talk to some references?
Absolutely! Who and how many? Just contact us for more information.